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DFL Party Demands Senate GOP Break Silence on Chamberlain’s Extremism


Senate Republican Assistant Majority Leader has long, underreported history of white supremacist activity online


Today, in response to recent reporting about Republican State Senator Roger Chamberlain’s online extremism, the DFL Party is calling on Senate Republican leadership to break their unacceptable silence and address Chamberlain’s disturbing and deranged behavior.

Recently, Chamberlain liked a social media post saying “Retweet if you’re pureblood”, a reference to eugenicist beliefs about racial purity. This is just the latest example of Chamberlain’s far-right extremist and white nationalist activity online.

“Let’s not mince words, Republican Senator Roger Chamberlain is a fascist sympathizing white nationalist,” said DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin. “Chamberlain has repeatedly promoted a dangerous fascist manifesto, followed neo-Nazis on Twitter, and frequently engages with white nationalist content. A political extremist like Chamberlain has no business in public office at all, let alone serving as Senate Republicans’ Assistant Majority Leader.”

“It is past time that Senate Leader Jeremy Miller and Chamberlain’s other Republican colleagues take his extremism seriously, address it publicly, and sanction Chamberlain for his dangerous actions,” added Martin. “Silence from Chamberlain’s fellow Republicans is nothing short of complicity in his dangerous obsession with white nationalism.”

The one time that Roger Chamberlain was asked about his white supremacist activity online, he repeatedly lied and distorted the truth. The DFL Party corrected the record here, which would serve as a useful resource for those looking to question Chamberlain about this in the future.