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DFL on Trump’s continued attacks on ACA in middle of pandemic


Yesterday marked the three year anniversary of the day Senator John McCain joined with Senate Democrats and voted against repealing the Affordable Care Act, temporarily saving the landmark legislation responsible for providing affordable health care for millions of Minnesotans. After failing in Congress, Donald Trump turned to the courts to continue his relentless push to repeal the ACA with no replacement plan.

If Trump succeeds in overturning the ACA, Minnesotans across the board would suffer the consequences. More than 2 million Minnesotans with pre-existing conditions could lose access to care and see massive price increases, over 200,000 Minnesotans covered through Medicaid expansion could lose coverage, and seniors could be forced to pay more for prescription drugs as the Medicare ‘donut hole’ would reopen. In total, 80% more Minnesotans could find themselves uninsured.

Here’s what DFL leaders are saying about Trump’s attacks on the ACA:

State Senator Bobby Joe Champion (District 59): “As coronavirus cases surge, we’re reminded on a daily basis of the dire need for quality, affordable care for all Minnesotans. And, we know that existing racial inequities are magnified in this crisis. Black and Brown Minnesotans have suffered and died from the coronavirus at rates far higher than white Minnesotans. November is our opportunity to shut down Trump’s attacks on the ACA for good and elect a President who we trust with our healthcare. That president is Joe Biden.”

Antonietta Giovanni, home care worker and member of the Executive Board of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota: “As a health care worker, every day I see Minnesotans who are afraid. Afraid not only for their health, but whether or not they will be able to afford the care they need. The last thing someone should have to worry about when they go to the doctor or ER is whether they will end up broke as a result. Donald Trump has gone to new extremes by attacking the ACA in the midst of a pandemic, putting the care of millions of Minnesotans in danger. We deserve a president who we can trust on health care.”