July 2, 2024

MNGOP Candidate in Competitive St. Cloud Seat Opposes Contraception, Marriage Equality, and More

Ek explicitly opposes birth control, legal same-sex marriage, and abortion but supports Ron DeSantis-style “Don’t Say Gay” legislation

ST PAUL – Today, the Minnesota DFL responded to a shocking new story about Sue Ek – who is the Minnesota GOP candidate in a competitive State House seat (14B) in the St. Cloud area that could determine control of the Minnesota House. In her interview with the St. Cloud Times, Ek explicitly confirms she opposes birth control pills, legal same-sex marriage, and abortion, but supports Ron DeSantis-style “Don’t Say Gay” legislation.

If Sue Ek wants to run for office while opposing birth control and marriage equality, she might have better luck if she moves to Alabama or Florida,” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “In this crucial seat, Minnesota Republicans have set themselves up for failure by nominating an extreme culture warrior who wants to turn back the clock on reproductive rights and equality for same-sex couplesSue Ek’s extreme positions are completely out of touch with her district, and the DFL will make sure that voters learn about them.”

In her own words:

Sue Ek Opposes Marriage Equality

STORY EXCERPT: “The Republican candidate’s 2005 campaign also had a stance on LGBTQ+ rights, particularly opposing same-sex couples’ right to marriage. Ek in 2005 voiced concerns about Minnesota’s 1997 Defense of Marriage Act, which stated “lawful marriage may be contracted only between persons of the opposite sex.” Her opposing voice to the law alleged it didn’t go far enough, and she didn’t want same-sex couples married in other states to be recognized in Minnesota. Now, nearly two decades and a supreme court ruling protecting same-sex marriage later, the St. Cloud Times asked Ek about her current beliefs. To which, Ek said LGBTQ+ people deserve basic respect but not marriage. “I (still) believe that marriage is between a man and a woman,” Ek said. “I believe that all life should be protected, including the homosexual life.”

Sue Ek Supports Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Law

STORY EXCERPT: Ek said her political ideology regarding LGBTQ+ rights is similar to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, sometimes referred to as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which prohibits speaking about sexual orientation or identity in kindergarten through grade 12 classrooms unless needed for mandated topics like AIDS or HIV.”

Sue Ek Opposes Contraception & Abortion

STORY EXCERPT: “Attacks against Ek’s stances come in part after she spoke against birth control pills and abortions on religious talk shows like ‘The Good Fight.’”

Sue Ek Refused to Answer Whether She Would Vote to Undo Abortion Rights Protections if Elected

STORY EXCERPT: However, Ek wouldn’t commit to protecting these voters’ wishes if there was a Republican-led effort to repeal the state’s codification of abortion access — something Democrats fear could happen if Republicans win the Minnesota House majority.“I would need to see the wording on that (effort to repeal) before giving a yes or no answer,” Ek said.”

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