May 14, 2022

MN GOP endorses an unqualified hedge fund lawyer for Attorney General

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement on Jim Schultz’s endorsement:

“Jim Schultz is a hedge-fund lawyer with no experience in a Minnesota courtroom, and the last thing we want is someone like that taking a sledgehammer to the Attorney General’s office. Instead of focusing on the issues important to the people of Minnesota, Schultz has pledged to use the office of Attorney General to criminalize abortion and jail women who seek one, and waste the office’s time and resources by targeting transgender youth and chasing election conspiracy theories.

“Now more than ever, Minnesotans need an experienced Attorney General who will protect their rights and pocketbooks. And that is not Jim Schultz.”

Background on Jim Schultz:

Jim Schultz is a far-right hedge fund lawyer who blames racial disparities in the criminal justice system on “cultural issues”, lies about widespread election fraud taking place in Minnesota, plans to use the limited resources of the Attorney General’s office to target trans youth, and plans to roll back abortion rights in Minnesota.

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