May 11, 2022

MN GOP CONVENTION: Republicans to endorse pro-voter suppression Secretary of State candidate

No matter who is chosen, Republicans will wind up endorsing a conspiracy theorist trying to restrict our freedom to vote

This weekend, regardless of who is selected, Republicans will endorse a candidate for Secretary of State that wants to restrict our freedom to vote and has actively undermined faith in our democracy by spreading conspiracy theories about our elections.

Kim Crockett 

Kelly Jahner-Byrne 

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement: 

“It is no accident that Minnesota regularly sets records for the highest voter turnout in the nation. We proudly hold that honor because of the fantastic work of people like Secretary of State Steve Simon, who has worked tirelessly to champion our freedom to vote and who oversees fair, accessible, and secure elections.

“Unfortunately, the extremist Republican Secretary of State candidates are pushing for voting restrictions that will guarantee fewer eligible voters can cast ballots. Worse still, these candidates are citing debunked conspiracy theories about the 2020 elections to justify their attempt at voter suppression. 

“The last thing Minnesotans need is another Republican official using conspiracy theories that undermine democracy to suppress the vote.”

Elect Minnesota Dems!

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