September 28, 2023

Minnesota DFL Party Encourages Supporters to Become Delegates to the 2024 Democratic National Convention

Today, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party is encouraging Minnesotans to run to become delegates to the 2024 Democratic National Committee.

“Serving as a delegate to the 2024 Democratic National Committee is an honor and an important responsibility,” said DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin. “I strongly encourage every Minnesotan who shares our party’s values to consider running for one of these positions in order to help re-elect President Biden and continue the historic progress his administration is making on behalf of all Americans.”

The process to become a delegate is explained in detail in the DFL Party’s Delegate Selection Plan, which can be read here.

Minnesota will have a total of 93 delegates and 6 alternates. Minnesota has allocated 49 total district-level delegates. These delegates have been apportioned to the congressional districts of Minnesota as follows:

  • Congressional District 1, five;
  • Congressional District 2, six;
  • Congressional District 3, seven;
  • Congressional District 4, eight;
  • Congressional District 5, nine;
  • Congressional District 6, five;
  • Congressional District 7, four;
  • Congressional District 8, five.

The remaining delegates will come from automatic party leaders and elected official delegates, 18; pledged party and elected officials, 10; at-large delegates, 16; and at-large alternates, 6.

The delegation shall be equally divided between delegate men and delegate women, and alternate men and alternate women, i.e. the number of men and women shall not vary by more than one. In the case of gender non-binary delegates or alternates, they shall not be counted as either a male or female, and the remainder of the delegation shall be equally divided by gender.

In order to better represent the changing demographics of the state that may not be fully represented in the data used and to further encourage participation by historically underrepresented parts of our population, the delegate selection process will be informed by data compiled by the Minnesota Affirmative Action, Outreach, and Inclusion Commission. The goals recommended by the Commission for the demographic composition of the delegation are as follows: African-Americans, 10; Hispanic, 6; Native Americans, 4; Asian/Pacific Americans, 5; LGBTQ+ Americans, 11; Persons with Disabilities, 13; Youth (Ages 18-35), 30; Veterans, 6.

Below is a summary of how delegates to the Democratic National Convention are elected. For a more detailed explanation, see the DFL Party’s National Delegate Selection Plan.


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