August 22, 2022

Minnesota DFL Condemns Scott Jensen’s Remarks About the Holocaust & Nazi Germany

Jewish community organizations, elected officials, and community members have also condemned Jensen’s remarks comparing COVID policies to Nazi atrocities

Earlier this morning, video surfaced of Scott Jensen comparing COVID public health policies to the Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Kristallnacht, and the rise of Hitler

Jewish community organizations, Jewish elected officials, and Jewish community activists have been swift to condemn Jensen’s remarks. Jensen is scheduled to headline an event with the Republican Jewish Coalition tomorrow.

“These remarks are as outrageous as they are unsurprising — dangerous rhetoric and conspiracy theories have defined Scott Jensen’s gubernatorial campaign from the beginning,” said DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin. “Minnesotans deserve a governor who can be counted on to reject extremism and anti-Semitism.”

Scott Jensen has made dangerous rhetoric and conspiracy theories a staple of his gubernatorial campaign. This is not the first time Jensen has been disrespectful toward the Jewish community when speaking about Nazi Germany or used them to promote dangerous rhetoric and COVID conspiracy theories. Earlier this year, Jensen hosted a virulent anti-Semite on his podcast. He also signed onto a lawsuit that compared the nationwide COVID vaccination effort to Nazi experimentation on Jews. 

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