Senate District 7

The dates and time for the required quarterly meetings have been set. They will be hybrid meetings with the in-person locations to be determined. August 8, at 6 pm. November 14 at 6 pm. February 13, 2025 at 6 pm. and May 8, 2025 at 6 pm.

Additional meetings may be called, and committee work and social gatherings may be held, in-between the quarterly meetings.



Chair Johnnie Forrest 1 (218) 213 5329 [email protected]

Vice Chair Shanai Matteson 1 (952) 686 1340 [email protected]



Senate District 7 is an Endorsing Unit

of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party.

The sole purpose of SD7 is to recruit and elect candidates for Minnesota Senate District 7, Minnesota House District 7A, and Minnesota House district 7B.



DRAFT Minutes of the May 9th. 2024 SD7 Hybrid Meeting

In-person at Hibbing DFL office (2630 1st Ave, Hibbing) and remotely via zoom

Attendance: Chair Johnnie Forrest, Vice Chair Shanai Matteson, Treasurer Nathaniel Dropp, Secretary Jeanne Newstrom, Directors Lynn Anderson, Cathy Daniels (remotely), Samantha Lowen, Michael Maleska, Vicki Nelson, and Tammy Wickstrom. Keewatin Precinct Chair Karen Arcel (remotely). Visitors Brian Capanoli, and Nicole Forrest (13).



  • Meeting was called to order at 6:07 pm; zoom protocals reviewed; Newstrom appointed the evening’s secretary; pledge of allegiance was recited.
  • Motion by Wickstrom, second by Newstrom to adopt the agenda; motion carried. This was later revised: motion by Nelson, second by Lowen, to add CD8 convention overview to Old Business.
  • Introductions were conducted round-robin.
  • Motion by Newstrom, second by Wickstrom to approve the minutes from the SD7 convention held April…. as amended. The minutes were amended by adding the election of Lynn Annderson as a director; motion carried.
  • Report by Treasurer Dropp: Total amount in bank is $2,329.20. A facility use invoice from the Hibbing Memorial Building for the convention is yet to be received and paid. A $100 damage deposit to the St. Louis County Fair will need to be made (which is returned after the event). General discussion on annual expenses followed. Motion by Wickstrom, second by Anderson, to accept the treasurer’s report; motion carried.

Old Business

  • No one stepped up to be a State Central Committee alternate; motion by Wickstrom, second by Anderson to table the position and reach out to fill the positions; motion carried.
  • Newstrom was elected SD7 Secretary by a vote of acclamation, after Vice Chair Matteson read the Affirmative Action, Outreach, and Inclusion Statement.
  • Attendees shared reflections on the CD8 convention.

New Business

  • Motion by Wickstrom, second by Anderson, to secure a post office box for a full year with the agreement that St. Louis 03 will pay for 6 months and SD7 for 6 months; motion carried. The names on the contract with access to the box will be Treasurer Dropp, Chair Forrest, and St. Louis 07 Chair Lowen.
  • Newstrom was appointed Communication Officer by Chair Forrest. Facebook: senatedistrict7DFLMinnesota, and webpage: Matteson will assist with a newsletter.
  • Wickstrom, Daniels, and Newstrom will conduct an audit with Treasurer Dropp on June 13, 6 pm, at the Hibbing DFL office.
  • In the absence of Outreach Officer Reyes, she will be contacted for an update in the newsletter.
  • Regional liaisons were established: Maleska for western St. Louis County, Matteson for Aitkin County, and Newstrom for Itasca County. The eastern portion of St. Louis will be recruited by Forrest. The liaisons purpose is to identify meeting and marketing locations, to put together a team to strategize campaigning, and to report at the quarterly meetings.
  • Motion by Wickstrom, second by Newstrom to adopt a calendar of the required quarterly meetings; motion carried. The dates are on the second Thursday at 6 pm on August 8, November 14, February 13, 2025, May 8, 2025; the locations to be determined. Additional meetings may be called, and committee work and social gatherings may be held, inbetween the quarterly meetings. Preference for notices via text was noted. Benefits of social gatherings were discussed.
  • Chair Forrest declared six vacancies on the board; positions are available to be filled.

Other Announcements and Updates

  • Forrest: Aron Schnaser Meet & Greet May 19, 4 pm at 40 Club Inn, Aitikin.
  • Newstrom: Itasca Pride Fest will be held on June 23 at the Old Central School grounds in Grand Rapids.
  • Arcel: Itasca Indivisible will protest Stauber’s office in Hermantown on June 22; re: Reproductive Healthcare; aligns with June 24 overturn of Roe v. Wade.
  • Maleska: Heads up, beware of ALEC (American Legislation Exchange Council).


  • Motion by Dropp, second by Arcel; motion carried at 7:50 pm.             Submitted by Jeanne Newstrom



Minutes 0f SD7 Convention April 20, 2024 

Approved May 9, 2024

Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party
Senate District 7 Convention
April 20, 2024
Hibbing Memorial Building, 400 E 23rd St.
Registration Open – 12 PM
Call to Order – 1:00 PM

  • 1. Call to Order:
    -Senate District 7 Convention called to order at 1:06 PM.
    -Welcome from Chair Cathy Daniels.
    -Affirmative Action/Outreach Inclusion Statement read by Vice Chair Johnnie Forrest.
    -Chair Cathy Daniels hands gavel back to Convention Chair, Bill Marchand.
    -Waiting on credentials report.
  • 2. Adoption of Convention Rules.
    -Point of Order: From floor: There is no separate set of rules for Senate District 7 to vote on, none submitted. Motion to adopt rules of MN State DFL Constitution. The only difference is allocation of floor passes from 5 to 2. Motion carried.
  • 3. Credentials.
    -Credentials committee requests head count of 7A delegates. 39 delegates for 7A.
    -Credentials committee requests head count of 7B delegates. 16 delegates for 7B.
    -Credentials report: 55 total delegates for Senate District 7.
  • 4. Ratify Convention Agenda.
    -No changes or discussion. Agenda adopted.
  • 5. Consideration of SD7 Constitutional Bylaws/Amendments.
    -Discussion: The current SD7 Constitution is not valid because SLC07 and SD7 were combined into the same Constitution. No constitution was provided to convention or delegates. Motion from floor to void SD7 constitution. Supported.
    -Discussion: SD6 Constitution was null and void after redistricting. There was a new constitution adopted at the last convention. There are no copies of the SD7 Constitution present at current convention. Motion goes to show of hands vote, counted by tellers.
    -Results: 23 votes in favor. 25 votes opposed. Motion is defeated.
  • 6. Election of SD7 Officers
    -Point of Information: From convention chair, Any delegate is able to be nominated for officer/board positions. No screening necessary.
    -Cathy Daniels nominated from floor. Johnnie Forrest nominated from floor. Both
    accepted nomination. Candidate speeches, 2 minute limit.
    -Ballot vote conducted.
    -Results: Discrepancy, 57 votes and only 55 delegates present. Recount of delegates conducted. 57 delegates confirmed as present. Results: Cathy- 25, Johnnie- 32. Johnnie Forrest elected as Chair of SD7.
    -Vice Chair. Cathy Daniels nominated from floor. Shanai Matteson nominated from floor. Both accepted nominations. Candidate speeches, 2 minute limit.
    -Ballot vote conducted.
    -Results: Cathy: 25, Shanai: 32. Shanai Mattson elected as Vice Chair of SD7.
    -Secretary. No nominations from floor. Position will be filled at first Senate District 7 meeting.
    -Treasurer. Nathaniel Dropp nominated from floor. Motion carried. Nathaniel Dropp elected as Treasurer of SD7.
    -Outreach Officer.Jennifer Reyes nominated from floor. Motion carried. Jennifer Reyes elected as Outreach Officer for SD7.
    -Directors. Nominated from floor: Tammy Wickstrom, Jesse Dahl, Samantha Lowen, Cathy Daniels,Jeanne Newstrom, Bill Pick, Mike Maleska, Vicki Nelson, Beth Peterson, Lora Anderson, Nancy Melin, Tina Ross, Lynn Anderson. Motion carried. All elected as Directors for SD7.
  • 7. 7B State Representative Endorsement.
    -Incumbent is Rep. Dave Lislegard. Put in nomination. Voice vote conducted, 60% needed. Vote carried. Rep. Dave Lislegard is endorsed as the candidate for 7B State Representative.
  • 8. 7A State Representative Endorsement.
    -No incumbent. Erin Ningen nominated from floor. Aron Schnaser nominated from floor.
    -Each candidate will have 5 minutes for a speech. Informal Q & A session conducted.
    -Questions from floor taken, they can be directed at one or both candidates. 4 questions submitted.
    -Ballot vote conducted, 60% needed for endorsement. Results: Aron S.-21, Erin N.-17, No Endorsement – 2. No endorsement given. Second round of informal Q & A. 3 questions submitted.
    -Point of Order: State DFL wants a yes or no answer on honoring the endorsement. Erin N. did not give a definite answer. Erin N. states she will not run against an endorsed candidate in a primary election.
    -Second ballot vote conducted. Floor is frozen while votes are being counted. —Results: Aron S.-26, Erin N.-12, No Endorsement- 1. Aron Schnaser is endorsed as the candidate for 7A State Representative.
  • 9. Adjourn.
    -Senate District 7 Convention adjourned at 3:09 PM.



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