Mower County

Board of Directors–Leadership Team

Chair——- Aaron Jones
Vice Chair —Nancy Bakke McGonigle
Outreach Officer —–David Sylte
Secretary —-Emily Iseli
Treasurer—Craig Knippel


Susie Bryan
Brock Stevens
Lyndsey Waletzke
Elenore Jones
Linda Gibeau
Stephen Neiswanger
Jeff Ollman
Andrew Wagner
Chris Fluor
Vince Lynch

1 vacancy female


Questions — Phone 507-606-5465


Webmaster[email protected]


The Mower County meets on the first Tuesday of each month. Currently the meetings are conducted on Zoom. To join a Zoom , contact Dave Sylte at [email protected] or (507)433 -0004


Mower County DFL Outreach Goals  2021-2022

  1. Compile an updated list of volunteers who are willing and available to serve on standing committees and to carry out other volunteer activities.
  2. Plan some community listening sessions to solicit feedback on issues and concerns.  This should focus on ongoing conversations with our small towns, farmers, and union members.  Bridge the rural/urban divide and put “FL” back in DFL.
  3. Promote informational outreach on critical issues such as effective responses to the Pandemic, the economy, human rights, environmental issues, health care and other issues important to Democrats.
  4. Prepare for the 2022 election with early planning on issues such as potential candidates, caucus and county convention locations, and a headquarters location.


Accommodation Resources

Here you can find some recommendations as well as resources on planning unit events.


DFL Party Documents

Here you can find the DFL Constitution, Official Call, Platform, and Action Agenda.