Lyon County

Lyon County is in U.S. Congressional District 7. The majority of the county is covered by State Senate District 15 and State House District 15a. State senate and house seats representing Lyon County are currently held by the GOP, but with your help we can change that for the better!

Mission Statement

We are the Lyon County Democratic–Farmer-Labor Party. We proudly stand for creating opportunity for all Minnesotans under accountable leadership. We believe in maintaining the integrity of the family farms, providing access to affordable housing and healthcare, investing in quality education, responsible stewardship of our shared planet, and supporting our small businesses and improvements to Lyon County infrastructure for a more sustainable future. Our mission is to advance Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) goals and to elect DFL candidates locally, statewide and nationally.

Vision Statement

The purpose of the Lyon County Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party is to promote democratic ideals, values, and candidates throughout Lyon County. Our vision is to advance a more just, fair, and transparent government for the residents for Lyon County while embracing diverse perspectives for the benefit of our district.


We meet at least once a month.  All Democrats are welcome to attend. Join us, and take an active role in helping make Lyon County, our home state of Minnesota, and the United States a better place to live.


Accommodation Resources

Here you can find some recommendations as well as resources on planning unit events.


DFL Party Documents

Here you can find the DFL Constitution, Official Call, Platform, and Action Agenda.