October 2, 2022

Kim Crockett Won’t Commit to Accepting Her Own Election Results

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement on tonight’s Secretary of State debate:

“Tonight’s debate highlighted the contrast between two very different visions for our state’s elections — and underscored the importance of re-electing Secretary of State Steve Simon.

“Secretary Simon stood up for the integrity of our elections, defended our democracy, and showed Minnesotans why he’s the right person to ensure our elections stay fair and free. Meanwhile, Kim Crockett refused to commit to accepting the results of her own election. That alone should be completely disqualifying, but Crockett also doubled down on her 2020 election denialism and suggested she wouldn’t work to boost voter turnout if she was elected.”


Kim Crockett’s refusal to commit to accepting her own election results was shocking, but it was far from the first time Crockett has questioned the legitimacy of our elections. Kim Crockett has repeatedly questioned the results of the 2020 elections. In a recent interview, Kim Crockett was asked if there was any way Donald Trump may have won Minnesota in 2020 and said “I have no way of knowing that,” despite the fact that Trump lost Minnesota by over 230,000 votes. 

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