Voter File Manager


Full Time

Who We Are: We are a small motivated team with a healthy mix of technical and organizing backgrounds. We value the unique perspectives offered by individuals with diverse backgrounds and paths into politics. We work intentionally to build and maintain infrastructure that both expands the accessibility of our resources and also helps to mitigate the volatile nature of campaign cycles.

Among other things, in this role you could help us:

  • Create practical data solutions by utilizing your past field experience. By applying your knowledge from past field experiences, you can help inform data practices for our organization, DFL campaigns, and local units!
  • Communicate and educate Staff, Activists, and Campaigns about the threats and benefits of various technical tools. Work collaboratively to provide high quality data-driven advice, and help expand our community’s collective understanding of how to leverage technology to run the most effective campaigns.
  • Improve and expand DFL Voterfile/VAN Support reporting. Help us automate reporting for DFL candidates up and down the ballot. Reports will range from VAN usage to key field metrics. Additionally, you will consider opportunities to automate workflows used by local units.

Job Requirements

Who You Are: Our team’s goal is to help DFL Campaigns and Activists across Minnesota make the best possible use of all the information available to them. We’re looking for strategic thinkers with an appreciation for well organized and documented workflows from diverse backgrounds and skill sets to help our team solve problems both new and old with the help of different perspectives.

The best candidates will have field experience, IT competency, and data analysis skills. On a day-to-day basis, our team assists campaigns, activists, and other staff with a variety of tasks including, but not limited to: creating reports on campaign progress, assisting in activist training, maintaining tech tools, and advising users on best practices in VAN.

What makes you right for this role (good candidates might check many of these boxes, but don’t let this list stop you from applying):

  • You are an effective communicator and can translate technical information into a digestible format;
  • You have experience working with large datasets, including cleaning and analyzing;
  • You have used VAN at a high level on a campaign or other political organization – bonus points for experience administering multiple committees alongside each other;
  • You are enthusiastic about applying your broad experiences and knowledge to help solve new, unfamiliar tasks;
  • You appreciate the returns of turning a simple day to day task into a sustainable, documented workflow, and have experience establishing best practices with maintainability in mind;
  • You are comfortable making use of one or more of the following: SQL, Python, R, dataviz tools (such as Google Datastudio, Tableau, or PowerBI) and are willing to take on the challenge of broadening your technical toolset over your time on our team;
  • You have experience working on field and/or organizing efforts and understand how data priorities interface with those on the ground;
  • You are confident in your ability to work with a diverse, goal oriented team of staff and interns;
  • You work best in a collaborative setting and have experience working on multiple different teams!

Compensation: Commensurate with experience, with initial salary band of $40,000-$60,000. Employees of the DFL are paid on a bi-weekly basis and receive a competitive benefits package including health care and dental.

Application Submission:

Please send a cover letter, resume, list of references, and a Voluntary Self-Identification form (Optional) by email to:

Heidi Kraus Kaplan

Executive Director

The Minnesota DFL Data Department is hiring a Deputy Data Director to oversee the support, and utilization of the DFL Voterfile to ensure electoral success up and down the ballot.

Voluntary Self-Identification Information

Consistent with the DFL Party’s commitment to including groups historically under-represented in the DFL Party’s affairs, by virtue of race/ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, or disability, we encourage members of underrepresented groups to seek jobs within the DFL Party. To help in this effort, we ask applicants to complete this self-identification form. Completion of this information is voluntary and is not a requirement of employment. This information will not affect the decision regarding your application for employment. This information will be kept confidential. Please select one or more groups that fit your identity:

  • African American/Black
  • Asian/Pacific American
  • Hispanic or Latino
  • LGBTQ+
  • Native American
  • Person with Disability
  • Veteran
  • White or Caucasian