September 16, 2022

Jim Schultz Defends “Murder Station”

Schultz goes to bat for one of Minneapolis’ “largest open-air drug bazaars” after refusing an invitation to visit it and speak to those affected by it

Yesterday, after Attorney General Keith Ellison announced an investigation of Merwin Liquors and Winner Gas for possibly “maintaining or permitting an unlawful public nuisance on their properties,” Republican candidate Jim Schultz lashed out at the decision on Twitter.

Community organizations and residents of the area have long-criticized the two businesses for what they feel is tacitly allowing the running of “one of the city’s largest open-air drug bazaars” on their properties. This has resulted in numerous shootings taking place outside Merwin Liquors and Winner Gas, earning the latter the nickname “murder station.”

Despite the frustration of residents of the area with these two businesses, Schultz attacked Ellison’s decision to investigate these businesses, tweeting “Unclear what world Keith Ellison is living in. Now small business owners are the ones at fault for the violent crime resulting from his failed policies? I have a simple proposal: Maybe Ellison should just do his job.”

Schultz had previously declined an invitation to visit “murder station” to hear from people in the area firsthand about the violence in the area and their ideas to prevent it (34:50 into this livestream).

Jim Schultz should explain why he declined to visit Merwin Liquors and Winner Gas, and why he would not even open an investigation into whether they were complicit in the illegal activity taking place on their premises.

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement: 

“First, Jim Schultz refused to visit ‘murder station’ and hear directly from people affected by the violence there. Then, Schultz lashed out at Keith Ellison for listening to community members and working to curb gun violence in one of the most dangerous areas in Minneapolis. It is clear that Jim Schultz looked at the violence at ‘murder station’ and saw a political opportunity, not a problem to be solved and lives to be saved. As someone with no courtroom or criminal justice experience, Jim Schultz is clearly out of his depth and has once again demonstrated that he has no business being in this race.”

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