May 13, 2020

Jason Lewis Attacks Young People for Taking Preventative COVID-19 Measures—Says They’ll do “Exactly as Their Masters Tell Them”

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Minnesota Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Jason Lewis has never missed an opportunity to degrade Minnesota’s public health experts. Now Lewis is turning his attacks at young people about the virus and their health.

Just last week, Lewis took to the radio, appearing on “Sound OFF!” with Brad Bennet, to downplay the pandemic by suggesting the virus that has killed tens of thousands of Americans, is just another problem that will pass: “Learn to live with the virus, as bad as it is, like we’ve learned to live with the influenza of 1968 and 1957 and 1917-’18. We’re not a nation that cowers. We’re a nation that faces our threats and moves on.”

Lewis went on to attack millennials for being concerned about the possible effects that coronavirus may have—declaring that millennials “will do exactly as their masters tell them” when it comes to taking precautionary measures—such as social distancing—to stop the spread of the pandemic. 

With the number of deaths continuing to climb in Minnesota, Lewis continues to downplay the seriousness of COVID-19, spread misinformation and conspiracy theories, and endanger the lives of our first responders, seniors and health care professionals by blatantly ignoring social distancing recommendations.

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