July 14, 2022

ICYMI: Republican AG candidate worked with group that spreads debunked abortion claims

Republican Attorney General candidate Jim Schultz has served on the board of a group that spreads dangerous misinformation about abortion, falsely linking it to depression, drug abuse, suicide, cancer, and more.

The group Schultz served on the board of, the Human Life Alliance, also spread the lie that there is no scenario where an abortion could save the life of the mother. The lies spread by the Human Life Alliance have been refuted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and the American Psychological Association.

“These archaic and backward beliefs are dangerous for Minnesotans’ and women’s health. Organizations like these target our youth with misinformation and push a narrative with the goal of overturning our most personal freedoms,” said DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin. “Jim Schultz would stop at nothing to attack the right of Minnesotans to make decisions about their reproductive health, and make abortion illegal and inaccessible in Minnesota.”

In Case You Missed It:

The Minnesota Reformer: Republican AG candidate worked with group that spreads debunked abortion claims

– Republican candidate Jim Schultz said during a March candidate forum he served on the board of directors for the Human Life Alliance, a nonprofit that produces anti-abortion information and distributes it across the nation and beyond.

– A Human Life Alliance publication called “She’s a Child, Not a Choice” says abortion doesn’t heal a woman who was raped, but just “adds another emotionally traumatic experience.”

– The group has also suggested similarities between pro-abortion rights and pro-slavery beliefs, and that there’s no medically sound reason an abortion could save the life of a mother.

– The publication erroneously claims late-term abortions are “never” needed to save a woman’s life. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, life-threatening conditions can develop later in pregnancy, including early severe preeclampsia, newly diagnosed cancer and intrauterine infection, often in conjunction with the premature rupture of the amniotic sac.

– The anti-abortion publication also claims women keeping abortions secret can lead to depression, drug and alcohol abuse and increased risk of breast cancer, infertility, miscarriages, eating disorders, suicide and death.

– The American Cancer Society says scientific research has not found abortions cause breast cancer, and the American Psychological Association says abortion is not linked to mental health issues, although restricting access to abortion is.

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