August 11, 2022

ICYMI: Jensen Fact-Checked for Promoting Election Conspiracy Theories

Today, Thursday, August 11, DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement after Scott Jensen was fact-checked by CNN for promoting false conspiracy theories about the 2020 election (“the Big Lie”).

“Scott Jensen is a dangerous conspiracy theorist who has promoted the Big Lie throughout his campaign,” said Martin. “Someone who wants to jail our elections officials and refuses to acknowledge that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election is unfit for the governor’s office.”

Jensen has repeatedly promoted the Big Lie, even going so far as to call for sending Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon to jail. Just this weekend, Jensen’s running mate Matt Birk said that he “would be disappointed if they [the DFL] didn’t try to cheat on election day.”

Under Steve Simon’s leadership, Minnesota has led the nation with the highest voter turnout for the past three elections in a row.

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