October 4, 2022

ICYMI: DFL exposes Jim Schultz’s extreme anti-abortion agenda

Yesterday, the Minnesota DFL Party held a press conference to expose Republican Attorney General candidate Jim Schultz’s dangerous anti-abortion agenda. That record includes Schultz’s serving on the board of directors for a non-profit seeking to “make abortion not just illegal, but unthinkable.” 

In a response to the Star Tribune, Schultz’s campaign manager claimed that Schultz “ will not leverage what should be an apolitical office to advocate for abortion policy.” However, Schultz himself contradicted this when he pledged to use the Attorney General’s office to defend pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions for medication abortions.

In Case You Missed It:

Star Tribune: DFL calls GOP attorney general nominee Schultz’s history on abortion dangerous to Minnesotans

  • The Minnesota DFL Party chairman on Monday said “bring it on” in response to a threatened defamation lawsuit by Republican attorney general nominee Jim Schultz, who said the party is misrepresenting his position on abortion.
  • In Minnesota, abortion is constitutionally protected under a 1995 state Supreme Court ruling. But the three described how the next attorney general will have significant discretionary power because federal protections were eliminated with Roe’s reversal in June. For example, the Minnesota attorney general could help prosecute women who come here for abortions from neighboring states where it’s illegal. Ellison has said he would not cooperate with those prosecutions.
  • They cite Schultz’s former leadership position with the Human Rights Alliance, a global nonprofit with a stated goal of making abortion “not just illegal, but unthinkable.”
  • Also, Schultz answered “yes” to the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life survey question about whether he supports a strategic “incremental strategy” toward “establishing respect for human life in our laws,” the DFLers said.
  • And they twice played an audio clip from an Alpha News debate in which Schultz said he would “aggressively defend” First Amendment religious rights, including those of pharmacists who don’t want to dispense abortion drugs.
  • The DFL continues to work to portray Schultz as extreme as a means to woo suburban swing voters. Martin cited a Republican Party memo last week as evidence the GOP is trying to steer off the topic of abortion. “If they’re going to appeal to suburban voters, having an anti-abortion position is not going to do it,” Martin said.

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