August 25, 2022

ICYMI: Crockett calls voting rule change “our 9/11”, says “tabulators connected to the internet” may have changed votes

Crockett also compared the fight over voting rules to a second American Revolution, claimed Democrats would smother Joe Biden with a pillow, and more

New reporting from CNN revealed Republican-endorsed Secretary of State candidate Kim Crockett holds a series of bizarre, extreme, and unhinged beliefs that call into question her fitness to hold office.

Crockett said changing voting rules was similar to a terrorist attack that killed thousands of Americans, calling it “our 9/11”. Crockett also echoed conspiracy theories from Mike Lindell when she discussed the possibility that “voting tabulators connected to the internet are manipulating the vote.”

“Kim Crockett is clearly and disturbingly disconnected from reality,” DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin said. “Crockett’s talk of voting machines changing votes over the internet is complete nonsense, and her comparing election law changes to a terrorist attack that killed thousands is unhinged. Not falling for obvious misinformation is a low bar for an elected official, but it is a bar Crockett is incapable of clearing.”

In Case You Missed It:

CNN: Minnesota’s GOP nominee for top elections official called changing voting rules ‘our 9/11’ after ‘the big rig’ in 2020

  • The Republican nominee to be the top elections official in Minnesota said changing the rules around voting following the 2020 “big rig” was “our 9/11,” invoking the terrorist attacks when discussing proposed changes to election laws in the aftermath of former President Donald Trump’s loss.
  • “We realize people are discouraged and this is still an exceptional nation,” Crockett said during a previously unreported radio appearance in early September 2021. “We are still the American people and I’m betting on us. This is a challenge. Maybe we needed a wake-up call. This is our 9/11.“
  • At the talk, she also encouraged activists to embrace the “fight,” and likened the battle over voting mechanics to another American Revolution.

    “We have to kind of embrace where we are, and have some fun,” said Crockett. “This is where we are, and I’ve always loved the American Revolution, and now we get to live through the second one.”
  • [Crockett] has called Democrats “cheats,” and said the election was ripe with everything from “garden variety fraud,” to the “possibility” of “tabulators connected to the Internet” changing votes to Democrats. She falsely said the 2020 election in Minnesota was illegitimate and has argued that voting by mail is insecure.
  • “If there’s this much corruption, and the vote can be manipulated,” she added. “And there’s garden variety fraud going on all the way up to the possibility that these voting tabulators connected to the internet are manipulating the vote.”
  • At the same time, Crockett stated that Biden isn’t progressive enough for the left wing of the Democratic Party.

    “They’re just gonna put a pillow over his face when they get tired of him,” she said during a December 2020 radio appearance. “They’ll put a pillow over Biden’s face, ‘Oh, go quietly, Joe.’“

Crocket previously volunteered at the Minnesota Voters Alliance, a nonprofit group that has attempted to curtail how absentee voting works in the state. She is also a self-described active member of the Election Integrity Network, a nationwide group that trains conservative activists to aggressively monitor elections as part of the group’s “army of citizens.” The group is run by Cleta Mitchell, a key figure in the failed efforts to overthrow the 2020 election.

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