June 11, 2020

GOP State Rep: George Floyd Protests Are “Evil” & “Not About Race”

Rep. Grossell tells public to “be prepared to defend this republic” from protesters calling for racial equity and criminal justice reform

The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party is denouncing an unhinged social media tirade posted yesterday by Republican State Representative Matt Grossell in which he attacks the protests calling for justice and reform that erupted in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and appears to call for violence to be used against protesters.

In a post shared to his private Facebook page, Grossell describes protesters as:

– “a coordinated attack on our God given freedoms”
– “a springboard for an alter agenda to destroy this republic and any other free nation around the world”
– “not about race”
– “an attempt to divide us as Americans”
– “the lies and deceit of evil”

A screenshot of Grossell’s post has been included at the bottom of this release alongside the full text of the post. That text was also shared by the Beltrami County Republican Party. Grossell also uses violent rhetoric in his post when he implores the public to “stand ready to face this evil” and “stop it dead in its tracks” and “be prepared to defend this republic.”

Grossell Previously Accused Officers of “Police Brutality” After They Arrested Him For Disorderly Conduct and Trespassing

In July of 2019, Rep. Grossell was previously arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct after he drunkenly shoved and slapped a hotel security guard. Grossell was then taken to the hospital where he called his nurse a “sick bitch” and caused such a disturbance that he was moved to a local jail. During this move, Grossell tried to prevent the squad car door from closing on him by sticking his knee out of the car door, then accused the arresting officer of “police brutality.”

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement:

“Representative Grossell’s unhinged rant is racist and an embarrassment to Minnesota. I am truly stunned that anyone, let alone a Republican State Representative, would think to describe protesters demanding racial justice and equity as ‘evil.’ These protesters are not trying to hurt our nation, they are simply demanding America live up to the ideals set forward in our Declaration of Independence: that all are equal and have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“By calling on the public to stop protesters dead in their tracks, Representative Grossell appears to be encouraging the use of violence against those protesting the death of George Floyd. I’m calling on Republican House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt to denounce these deeply disturbing comments from one of his Republican colleagues. This kind of violent rhetoric has no place in our politics.”

Below is the full text of Rep. Grossell’s Facebook post as well as a screenshot of it:

“Please read and share.

What’s on my mind is this folks, as I look at what is going on across the state, across the nation and across the world. One thing stays in my heart and mind, this is a coordinated attack on our God given freedoms as written in the Constitution of these United States. The tragic death of one man has been used as a springboard for an alter agenda to destroy this republic and any other free nation around the world. This is not about race though it is being used in an attempt to divide us as Americans. We must not let the lies and deceit of evil divide us and we must stand ready to defend this nation, this republic, the land of the free the home of the brave. I took an oath as a soldier, a law enforcement officer and now as a state representative to uphold the Constitution and I have never been relieved of that oath nor will I ever give it up. I call upon my brothers and sisters across this state, this nation and around the world to stand ready to face this evil, which will never be appeased by compromise nor will it ever stop taking until it has taken every freedom we hold dear, and stop it dead in its tracks. It was said somewhere by a wise individual ‘all evil needs to get a foothold is for good men to do nothing’. So I call upon my brothers and sisters to first and foremost pray and secondly to be prepared to defend this republic, the land of the free the home of the brave! We are one nation under God and it’s time for us to stand ready to defend this nation this republic which God has so graciously given us. Please share this as far and wide as you possibly can. Thank you, God’s blessings and protection cover us all.


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