Our Candidates

Endorsed by the Minnesota DFL Party

The candidates listed below have been endorsed by the Minnesota DFL Party. Endorsement decisions are made by delegates to local conventions across Minnesota.

Conventions are still ongoing and endorsements are still being made. To see a schedule of DFL Party conventions, please visit dfl.org/conventionplanning.

Minnesota recently adopted a new set of state legislative and congressional district maps. Click here to find your new legislative district.

U.S. Senators

Amy Klobuchar – U.S. Senator

Website: amyklobuchar.com
Facebook: facebook.com/amyklobuchar
Twitter: x.com/amyklobuchar

Tina Smith – U.S. Senator

Website: tinaforminnesota.com
Facebook: facebook.com/TinaSmithMN
Twitter: x.com/SenTinaSmith

Constitutional Officers

Tim Walz – Governor

Website: walzflanagan.org
Facebook: facebook.com/WalzforGovernor
Twitter: x.com/Tim_Walz

Peggy Flanagan – Lt. Governor

Website: walzflanagan.org
Facebook: facebook.com/LtGovFlanagan
Twitter: x.com/peggyflanagan

Keith Ellison – Attorney General

Website: keithellison.org
Facebook: facebook.com/ellisoncampaign
Twitter: x.com/keithellison

Steve Simon – Secretary of State

Website: stevesimonmn.com
Facebook: facebook.com/SteveSimonForSOS
Twitter: x.com/mnstevesimon

Julie Blaha – State Auditor

Website: blahaforauditor.org
Facebook: facebook.com/BlahaForAuditor
Twitter: x.com/blahaforauditor

Congressional District Candidates

Headshot of Rachel Bohman

Rachel Bohman – Congressional District 01

Website: bohmanforcongress.com
Facebook: facebook.com/rachelbohmanforcongress

Angie Craig – Congressional District 02

Website: angiecraig.com
Facebook: facebook.com/AngieCraigforCongress/
Twitter: x.com/angiecraigmn

Dean Phillips – Congressional District 03

Website: phillipsforcongress.org
Facebook: facebook.com/deanphillipsforcongress
Twitter: x.com/deanbphillips

Betty McCollum – Congressional District 04

Website: mccollumforcongress.com
Facebook: facebook.com/betty.mccollum1
Twitter: x.com/VoteBetty

Ilhan Omar – Congressional District 05

Website: www.ilhanomar.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/IlhanMN
Twitter: x.com/IlhanMN

Jeanne Hendricks – Congressional District 06

Website: https://hendricksformn.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/hendricksformn
Twitter: x.com/HendricksforMN

A. John Peters – Congressional District 07

Website: ajpetersforcongress.org
Facebook: facebook.com/profile.php?id=61555971654043

Jennifer Schultz – Congressional District 08

Website: www.jenschultzforcongress.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/JenSchultzForCongress
Twitter: x.com/RepJenSchultz

State House & Senate Candidates

District 1

James Sceville – House District 1A

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100066621566569

Cynthia Ansbacher – House District 1B

Website: cindyansbacherformnhouse.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/cindyansbacherformnhouse

District 2

Reed Olson – House District 2A

Website: www.votereedolson.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ReedforMN2A
Twitter: twitter.com/reedolsonMN2A

Erika Bailey-Johnson – House District 2B

Facebook: facebook.com/erika.baileyjohnson
Twitter: twitter.com/ebaileyjohnson

Alan Roy – Senate District 2

Website: www.royforsenate.com
Facebook: facebook.com/royforsenate

District 3

Rob Ecklund – House District 3A

Website: robecklund.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/RepRobEcklund
Twitter: twitter.com/RobEcklund

Mary Murphy – House District 3B

Facebook: facebook.com/StateRepMaryMurphy

Grant Hauschild – Senate District 3

Website: grantformn.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/GrantforMN
Twitter: twitter.com/grant_hauschild

District 4

Heather Keeler – House District 4A

Website: www.heather4house.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Heather4House/
Twitter: twitter.com/heather4house

John Hest – House District 4B

Website: hestforhouse.com
Facebook: facebook.com/HestforHouse/
Twitter: twitter.com/HestForHouse

Rob Kupec- Senate District 4

Website: Kupec4mnsenate.com
Facebook: facebook.com/wxman.kupec
Twitter: twitter.com/robkupec?lang=en

District 5

Brian M. Hobson – House District 5A

Website: hobsonforhouse5a.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ajohnpetersMN

District 6

Rick Blake – House District 6A

Facebook: facebook.com/rick.blake.5832
Twitter: twitter.com/rickwblake

Sally Boos – House District 6B

Website: sallyboosformn.com
Facebook: facebook.com/mnmhouse6B

Steve Samuelson – Senate District 6

Website: samuelsonforsenate.com
Facebook: facebook.com/people/Samuelson-for-Senate/

District 7

Julie Sandstede – House District 7A

Website: juliesandstede.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Julie4House/
Twitter: twitter.com/juliesandstede

Dave Lislegard – House District 7B

Website: davelislegard.com
Facebook: facebook.com/davelislegardforMNHouse6B
Twitter: twitter.com/davelislegard

Ben DeNucci – Senate District 7

Website: denucciforsenate.com
Facebook: facebook.com/bendenucciforMNSenate
Twitter: twitter.com/Ben_DeNucci

District 8

Liz Olson – House District 8A

Website: lizforduluth.com
Facebook: facebook.com/LizForDuluth
Twitter: twitter.com/lizolson218

Alicia Kozlowski – House District 8B

Website: aliciaforduluth.com
Facebook: facebook.com/alicia4duluth

Jen McEwen – Senate District 8

Website: votemcewen.com
Facebook: facebook.com/SenatorMcEwen
Twitter: twitter.com/jenmcewenmn

District 9

Jason Satter – House District 9B

Facebook: facebook.com/satterformnhouse9B/

Cornel Walker – Senate District 9

Website: cornelformn.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Cornel-for-MN-Senate

District 10

Suzanne Cekalla – Senate District 10

Website: cekallaforsenate.com

District 11

Pete Radosevich – House District 11A

Website: peteradosevichforhouse11a.com
Facebook: facebook.com/RadosevichPete
Twitter: twitter.com/RadosevichPete

Eric Olson – House District 11B

Website: olsonmnhouse.com
Facebook: facebook.com/EricOlsonDFL
Twitter: twitter.com/EricOlsonDFL

John Peura – Senate District 11

Website: johnpeura.wixsite.com/peuraforminnesota
Facebook: facebook.com/PeuraForMinnesota
Twitter: twitter.com/PeuraJohn

District 12

Jeremy Vinar – House District 12B

Website: jvfor12b.com
Twitter: twitter.com/JVfor12b

Kari Dorry – Senate District 12

Website: kariformnsenate.com
Facebook: facebook.com/kariformnsenate
Twitter: twitter.com/karidorry

District 13

Andrea Robinson, – House District 13A

Website: andreaformnhouse.com
Facebook: facebook.com/AndreaRobinsonForMNHouse13a

Melissa Bromenschenkel – House District 13B

Twitter: twitter.com/melbfor13b

Alissa Brickman – Senate District 13

Website: alissaforsenatemn.com
Facebook: facebook.com/alissaforsenatemn

District 14

Tami Calhoun – House District 14A

Website: tamiformn.com
Facebook: facebook.com/TamiForMN
Twitter: twitter.com/TamiForMN

Dan Wolgamott – House District 14B

Website: danformn.com
Facebook: facebook.com/NeighborsForDan
Twitter: twitter.com/RepWolgamott

Aric Putnam – Senate District 14

Website: aricformn.com
Facebook: facebook.com/AricForMN
Twitter: twitter.com/AricForMN

District 15

Anita Gaul – Senate District 15

Website: anitayourvote.com
Facebook: facebook.com/AnitaYourVote/

Keith VanOverbeke – House District 15A

Tom Kuster – House District 15B

District 16

Fernando Alvarado – Senate District 16

Website: fernandoformn.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ElectFernandoAlvarado
Twitter: twitter.com/FernandoforMn

Fred Cogelow – House District 16B

Website: cogelowfor16b.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Cogelowfor16B
Twitter: twitter.com/FCogelow

District 17

Jennifer Carpentier – House District 17A

Website: jennifercarpentier.com

Chad Tschimperle – Senate District 17

Website: chadforsenate17.com
Facebook: facebook.com/people/Chad-for-Senate/

District 18

Jeff Brand – House District 18A

Website: brandforhouse.org
Facebook: facebook.com/BrandforHouse
Twitter: twitter.com/RepJeffBrand

Luke Frederick – House District 18B

Website: www.frederickforhouse.com
Facebook: facebook.com/replukefrederick
Twitter: twitter.com/replfrederick

Nick Frentz – Senate District 18

Website: www.frentzforsenate.com
Facebook: facebook.com/SenatorFrentz
Twitter: twitter.com/NickAFrentz

District 19

Carolyn Treadway – House District 19A

Website: www.carolyntreadway.org
Facebook: facebook.com/CarolynTreadwayForHouse
Twitter: twitter.com/CarolynTreadwa4

Kate Falvey – Senate District 19A

Website: secure.actblue.com/donate/support-mn-senate-candidates

District 20

Laurel Stinson – House District 20A

Facebook: facebook.com/CommitteetoElectLaurelStinson
Website: www.laurelstinson.com/

Elise Diesslin – House District 20B

Facebook: facebook.com/VoteDiesslin
Twitter: twitter.com/votediesslin
Website: www.ediesslin.com

Brad Drenckhahn – Senate District 20

Facebook: facebook.com/bradforstatesenate
Website: bradformn.com

District 22

Marcia Stapleton – House District 22B

District 23

Mary Hinnenkamp – House District 23A

Facebook: facebook.com/people/Mary-for-MN-House-23A/
Twitter: twitter.com/Mary4MNHouse23a
Website: maryfor23a.com/

Thomas Stiehm – House District 23B

Facebook: facebook.com/people/Tom-Stiehm-State-House
Website: www.tomstiehmmnhouse.com

Brandon Lawhead – Senate District 23

Website: secure.actblue.com/donate/support-mn-senate-candidates

District 24

Keith McLain – House District 24A

Facebook: facebook.com/Keith-for-Minnesota-House-101865695909323
Twitter: twitter.com/Keithforhouse
Website: www.keithforhouse.com

Tina Liebling – House District 24B

Facebook: facebook.com/LieblingforRep
Twitter: twitter.com/TinaLiebling
Website: www.tinaliebling.com

Aleta Borrud – Senate District 24

Facebook: facebook.com/aleta4mnsenate
Twitter: twitter.com/aleta4mnsenate
Website: www.aleta4mnsenate.com

District 25

Kim Hicks – House District 25A

Facebook: facebook.com/KimforHouseMN
Twitter: twitter.com/KimHicksMN25A
Website: www.kimhicksformnhouse25a.com/

Andy Smith – House District 25B

Facebook: facebook.com/AndySmithMN
Twitter: twitter.com/AndySmithMN
Website: www.andysmithmn.com

Liz Boldon – Senate District 25

Facebook: facebook.com/LizBoldonMNSenate
Twitter: twitter.com/lizboldonmn
Website: www.lizboldon.com/

District 26

Gene Pelowski – House District 26A

Facebook: facebook.com/gene.pelowski
Twitter: twitter.com/GenePelowski

Dan Wilson – Senate District 26

Facebook: facebook.com/danwilsonforsenate

District 27

Brad Brown – House District 27B

Facebook: facebook.com/brown4mnhouse
Website: www.brown4mnhouse.com

Emily Minzel – Senate District 27

Facebook: facebook.com/emyforhouse
Website: minzelformnsenate.com

District 28

Erik Johnson – House District 28a

Facebook: facebook.com/Erik4MN
Twitter: twitter.com/erik4mn
Website: https://www.erik4mn.com

Katie Malchow – House District 28B

Facebook: facebook.com/malchow4mn
Website: www.malchow4mn.com

Victoria Bird – Senate District 28

Website: votevicbird.com/home

District 29

Chris Brazelton – Senate District 29

Facebook: facebook.com/brazeltonsenate
Website: www.brazeltonformnsenate.net

District 30

Diane Nguyen – Senate District 30

Facebook: facebook.com/dianeforstatesenate
Twitter: twitter.com/DianeNguyenMN
Website: dianeforstatesenate.com

District 31

Betsy O’Berry – House District 31A

Facebook: facebook.com/BetsyOForStateRepresentative
Website: www.betsyo.org

Bill Fisher – House District 31B

Jason Ruffalo – Senate District 31

Facebook: facebook.com/JasonRuffaloForMN35B
Twitter: twitter.com/MnRuffalo
Website: www.jasonruffalo.com

District 32

Ashton Ramsammy – House District 32A

Facebook: facebook.com/AshtonForMN
Twitter: twitter.com/AshtonforMN
Website: www.ashtonformn.com

Matt Norris – House District 32B

Facebook: facebook.com/MNforMN
Twitter: twitter.com/mnfrommn
Website: www.votefornorris.com

Kate Luthner – Senate District 32

Facebook: facebook.com/Kateforsenate
Website: www.kateluthnermnsenate.com

District 33

Hanna Valento – House District 33A

Facebook: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100078680804785
Website: www.hannavalento.com

Josiah Hill – House District 33B

Facebook: facebook.com/josiahhillforhouse
Twitter: twitter.com/Hill4MNHouse
Website: www.josiahhill.org

Nancy McLean – Senate District 33

Facebook: facebook.com/McLeanforMN
Twitter: twitter.com/McLeanforMN
Website: www.nancymcleanforsenate.com

District 34

Brian Raines – House District 34A

Melissa Hortman – House District 34B

Facebook: facebook.com/MelissaHortman
Twitter: twitter.com/melissahortman
Website: www.melissahortman.com

John Hoffman – Senate District 34

Facebook: facebook.com/johnhoffmanMN
Twitter: twitter.com/johnhoffmanmn
Website: www.johnhoffmanmn.com

District 35

Zack Stephenson – House District 35A

Facebook: facebook.com/zackstephensonformnhouse/
Twitter: twitter.com/zackstephenson?

Jerry Newton – House District 35B

Facebook: facebook.com/SenatorJerryNewton/
Twitter: twitter.com/SenJerryNewton
Website: www.jerrynewton.us

Kari Rehrauer – Senate District 35

Twitter: twitter.com/karirehrauer
Website: www.kariformn.com

District 36

Susie Strom – House District 36A

Facebook: facebook.com/stromformn
Twitter: twitter.com/stromformn
Website: www.stromformn.com/

Brion Curran – House District 36B

Twitter: twitter.com/brioncurran
Website: www.brioncurran.com

Heather Gustafson – Senate District 36

Facebook: facebook.com/voteheathergustafson
Twitter: twitter.com/gus_heather
Website: www.voteheathergustafson.com

District 37

Caitlin Cahill – House District 37A

Facebook: facebook.com/cahillforhouse
Twitter: twitter.com/cahillforhouse
Website: www.cahillforhouse.com

Kristin Bahner – House District 37B

Facebook: facebook.com/kristinbahnermn
Twitter: twitter.com/kristinbahnermn
Website: www.bahnerforhouse.com

Farhio Khalif – Senate District 37

Facebook: facebook.com/Farhioforsenate
Twitter: twitter.com/Farhioforsenate
Website: www.farhiokhalif.com

District 38

Michael Nelson – House District 38A

Website: www.house.leg.state.mn.us/members/profile/10779

Samantha Vang – House District 38B

Facebook: facebook.com/RepSamanthaVang
Twitter: twitter.com/repsamanthavang
Website: www.samanthavang.org

Susan Pha – Senate District 38

Facebook: facebook.com/susanphaforsenate/
Website: www.votesusanpha.com

District 39

Erin Koegel – House District 39A

Facebook: facebook.com/erinformn
Twitter: twitter.com/ErinKoegel
Website: www.erinformn.com

Sandra Feist – House District 39B

Facebook: facebook.com/FeistForHouse
Twitter: twitter.com/sandrafeistmn
Website: www.feistforhouse.org

Mary Kunesh – Senate District 39

Facebook: facebook.com/mkmkunesh
Twitter: twitter.com/MaryKunesh9
Website: www.marykunesh.com

District 40

Kelly Moller – House District 40A

Facebook: facebook.com/KellyForUs
Twitter: twitter.com/KellyForUs
Website: www.votekellymoller.com

Jamie Becker-Finn – House District 40B

Facebook: facebook.com/beckerfinn
Twitter: twitter.com/jbeckerfinn
Website: www.becker-finn.org

John Marty – Senate District 40

Facebook: facebook.com/senjohnmarty
Twitter: twitter.com/johnmarty
Website: www.johnmarty.org

District 41

Patricia Driscoll – House District 41A

Twitter: twitter.com/patdriscollmn
Website: www.patdrisc.net/

Tina Folch – House District 41B

Facebook: facebook.com/TinaFolchMN
Twitter: twitter.com/TinaFolch
Website: www.tinafolch.com

Judy Seeberger – Senate District 41

Twitter: twitter.com/JudySeeberger
Website: www.judyforsenate.com

District 42

Ned Carroll – House District 42A

Twitter: twitter.com/nedjcarroll

Ginny Klevorn – House District 42B

Facebook: facebook.com/ginnyklevorn
Twitter: twitter.com/GinnyKlevorn
Website: www.ginnyklevorn.com

Bonnie Westlin – Senate District 42

Facebook: facebook.com/WestlinForMNSenate
Twitter: twitter.com/WestlinMNSenate
Website: www.bonniewestlinformnsenate.com

District 43

Cedrick Frazier – House District 43A

Facebook: facebook.com/CedrickFrazier
Twitter: twitter.com/CedrickFrazier
Website: www.cedrickfrazier.com

Mike Freiberg – House District 43B

Facebook: facebook.com/FreibergForStateRep
Twitter: twitter.com/RepFreiberg
Website: www.mikefreiberg.com

Ann Rest – Senate District 43

Facebook: facebook.com/SenatorRest
Twitter: twitter.com/senatorann
Website: www.annrest4mn.com

District 44

Peter Fischer – House District 44A

Facebook: facebook.com/RepPeterFischer
Twitter: twitter.com/peterfischermn
Website: www.fischerforrep.com

Leon Lillie – House District 44B

Facebook: facebook.com/StateRepresentativeLeonLillie
Twitter: twitter.com/leonlillie
Website: house.leg.state.mn.us/43b

Tou Xiong – Senate District 44

Facebook: facebook.com/TouXiong53A
Twitter: twitter.com/touxiongmn53a
Website: www.touxiongsenate.com

District 45

Lauren Bresnahan – House District 45A

Facebook: facebook.com/Bresnahan4MN
Twitter: twitter.com/bresnahan4mn
Website: www.bresnahanforhouse.com

Patty Acomb – House District 45B

Facebook: facebook.com/pattyacomb
Twitter: twitter.com/pattyacomb
Website: www.pattyacomb.com

Kelly Morrison – Senate District 45

Facebook: facebook.com/MorrisonforSenate
Twitter: twitter.com/Morrison4MN
Website: www.morrisonforsenate.com

District 46

Larry Kraft – House District 46A

Twitter: twitter.com/LarryKraftSLP
Website: www.larrykraftslp.org

Cheryl Youakim – House District 46B

Facebook: facebook.com/CLYouakim
Twitter: twitter.com/CLYouakim
Website: www.cherylyouakim.com

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Ron Latz – Senate District 46

Facebook: facebook.com/SenRonLatz
Twitter: twitter.com/senronlatz
Website: www.ronlatz.org

District 47

Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger – House District 47A

Facebook: facebook.com/amandaformnhouse
Twitter: twitter.com/Amanda_MNHouse
Website: www.amandaformnhouse.com

Ethan Cha – House District 47B

Website: ethanchamnhouse.com/

Nicole Mitchell – Senate District 47

Facebook: facebook.com/NicoleMitchellMN
Twitter: twitter.com/NicoleM_MN
Website: www.nicolemitchell.org

District 48

Lucy Rehm – House District 48B

Facebook: facebook.com/LucyRehmMN
Twitter: twitter.com/LucyRehmMN
Website: www.lucyrehm.com

Dan Kessler – Senate District 48

Facebook: facebook.com/kesslerforsenate
Twitter: twitter.com/danielnkessler
Website: www.kesslerforsenate.com

District 49

Laurie Pryor – House District 49A

Facebook: facebook.com/LauriePryorMN
Twitter: twitter.com/lauriepryor
Website: www.lauriepryor.org

Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn – House District 49B

Facebook: facebook.com/repcarliekw
Twitter: twitter.com/carlieforhouse
Website: www.carlieforhouse.com

Steve Cwodzinski – Senate District 49

Facebook: facebook.com/cwodforsenate
Twitter: twitter.com/cwodmn
Website: www.cwodforsenate.com

District 50

Heather Edelson – House District 50A

Facebook: facebook.com/heathermedelson
Twitter: twitter.com/heather_edelson
Website: www.heatheredelson.com

Alice Mann – Senate District 50

Facebook: facebook.com/dralicemann
Twitter: twitter.com/dralicemann
Website: www.dralicemann.com

District 51

Michael Howard – House District 51A

Facebook: facebook.com/MichaelHowardMN
Twitter: twitter.com/mikehowardmn
Website: www.michaelhowardmn.com

Nathan Coulter – House District 51B

Facebook: facebook.com/NeighborsForNathan
Twitter: twitter.com/NathanCoulter
Website: www.neighborsfornathan.com

Melissa Wiklund – Senate District 51

Facebook: facebook.com/SenatorWiklund
Twitter: twitter.com/mhwiklund
Website: www.wiklundforsenate.com

District 52

Liz Reyer – House District 52A

Facebook: facebook.com/lreyer52A
Twitter: twitter.com/lreyer
Website: www.lizreyer.com

Ruth Richardson – House District 52B

Facebook: facebook.com/RuthForHouse
Twitter: twitter.com/RuthForHouse
Website: www.ruthforhouse.com

Jim Carlson – Senate District 52

Facebook: facebook.com/SenatorJimCarlson
Twitter: twitter.com/SenatorCarlson
Website: www.carlsonforsenate.org

District 53

Mary Frances Clardy – House District 53A

Facebook: facebook.com/Clardyformnhouse
Twitter: twitter.com/clardyforhouse
Website: www.clardyforhouse.com

Rick Hansen – House District 53B

Facebook: facebook.com/RepRickHansen
Twitter: twitter.com/reprickhansen
Website: www.votehansen.com

Matt Klein – Senate District 53

Facebook: facebook.com/mattkleinforsenate
Twitter: twitter.com/senmattklein
Website: www.mattkleinforsenate.com

District 54

Brad Tabke – House District 54A

Facebook: facebook.com/TabkeforMN/
Twitter: twitter.com/bradtabke
Website: www.tabkeformn.com

Brendan Van Alstyne – House District 54B

Facebook: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100070119998772
Twitter: twitter.com/brendanformn
Website: www.brendanformn.org

Alicia Donahue – Senate District 54

Facebook: facebook.com/aliciafor54
Twitter: twitter.com/aliciadonahue
Website: aliciafor54.com/

District 55

Jess Hanson – House District 55A

Facebook: facebook.com/JessHansonForHouse
Twitter: twitter.com/JessHansonMN
Website: www.jesshansonforhouse.com

Kaela Berg – House District 55B

Facebook: facebook.com/bergformn
Twitter: twitter.com/kaelaberg
Website: www.bergforminnesota.com

Lindsey Port – Senate District 55

Facebook: facebook.com/lindseyportmn/
Twitter: twitter.com/Lindsey_Port
Website: www.lindseyportmn.com

District 56

Robert Bierman – House District 56A

Facebook: facebook.com/RobertBiermanMN/
Twitter: twitter.com/robertbiermanmn
Website: www.electrobertbierman.com

John Huot – House District 56B

Facebook: facebook.com/RepJohnHuot
Twitter: twitter.com/mnrephuot
Website: www.huotforhouse.com

Erin Maye Quade – Senate District 56

Facebook: facebook.com/ErinMayeQuadeMN
Twitter: twitter.com/ErinMayeQuade
Website: www.erinmayequade.com

District 57

Greg Henningsen – House District 57A

Facebook: facebook.com/people/Greg4mn/
Twitter: twitter.com/greg4mn
Website: greg4mn.com/

Erin Preese – House District 57B

Facebook: facebook.com/Erin4MN
Twitter: twitter.com/e_preese
Website: www.erinpreese.com

Jackie Craig – Senate District 57

Facebook: facebook.com/JackieCraigforMinnesota
Twitter: twitter.com/jackiecraigmn
Website: www.jackiecraig.org

District 58

Kristi Pursell – House District 58A

Facebook: facebook.com/Pursell4MNHouse
Twitter: twitter.com/Pursell4MNHouse
Website: www.kristipursell.com/

Steve Dungy – House District 58B

Facebook: facebook.com/Steve-Dungy-for-Minnesota-House
Twitter: twitter.com/steve_dungy?lang=en
Website: sd4mnhouse.com/

Clarice Grabau – Senate District 58

Facebook: facebook.com/claricegrabauforcitycouncil/
Website: www.claricegrabau.com

District 59

Fue Lee – House District 59A

Facebook: facebook.com/RepFueLee
Twitter: twitter.com/repfuelee
Website: www.fuelee.org

Esther Agbaje – House District 59B

Facebook: facebook.com/go4esther
Twitter: twitter.com/go4esther
Website: www.estheragbaje.com

Bobby Joe Champion – Senate District 59

Facebook: facebook.com/SenBobbyJoeChampion
Twitter: twitter.com/SenatorChampion
Website: www.champion4change.org

District 60

Sydney Jordan – House District 60A

Facebook: facebook.com/jordanformn/
Twitter: twitter.com/sydneyjordanmn
Website: www.sydneyjordan.org

Mohamud Noor – House District 60B

Facebook: facebook.com/Noorfor60B
Twitter: twitter.com/mohamudnoor
Website: www.mohamudnoor.org

Kari Dziedzic – Senate District 60

Facebook: facebook.com/SenatorKariDziedzic
Twitter: twitter.com/KariDziedzic
Website: www.kari4senate.com

District 61

Frank Hornstein – House District 61A

Facebook: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100058301941783
Website: frankhornstein.org

Jamie Long – House District 61B

Facebook: facebook.com/StateRepresentativeJamieLong
Twitter: twitter.com/Jamiemlong
Website: www.jamielong.com

Scott Dibble – Senate District 61

Facebook: facebook.com/d.scott.dibble
Twitter: twitter.com/ScottDibble
Website: www.scottdibble.com

District 62

Aisha Gomez – House District 62A

Facebook: facebook.com/RepAishaGomez
Twitter: twitter.com/repaishagomez
Website: www.aishagomez.com

Hodan Hassan – House District 62B

Facebook: facebook.com/hodanforhouse
Twitter: twitter.com/RepHassan
Website: www.hodanforhouse.com

Omar Fateh – Senate District 62

Facebook: facebook.com/omarfatehmn
Twitter: twitter.com/OmarFatehMN
Website: www.omarfateh.org

District 63

Samantha Sencer-Mura – House District 63A

Facebook: facebook.com/sencermura4MN/
Twitter: twitter.com/sencermura4mn
Website: www.sencer-mura.org

Emma Greenman – House District 63B

Facebook: facebook.com/emmaforhouse
Twitter: twitter.com/emmagreenman
Website: www.emmagreenman.com

Zaynab Mohamed – Senate District 63

Facebook: facebook.com/zaynabforsenate
Twitter: twitter.com/ZaynabForSenate
Website: www.zaynabmohamed.org

District 64

Kaohly Her – House District 64A

Facebook: facebook.com/her4house
Twitter: twitter.com/KaohlyVangHer
Website: www.herforhouse.com

Dave Pinto – House District 64B

Facebook: facebook.com/davepintomn
Twitter: twitter.com/davepinto
Website: www.davepinto.com

Erin Murphy – Senate District 64

Facebook: facebook.com/epmurphymn
Twitter: twitter.com/epmurphymn
Website: www.murphyfor64.com

District 65

Samakab Hussein – House District 65A

Facebook: facebook.com/samuel.kingdom
Twitter: twitter.com/samuelkingdom

Maria Perez-Hedges – House District 65B

Facebook: facebook.com/PeopleforMariaIsa
Twitter: twitter.com/MariaIsa
Website: www.mariaisa.org

Sandy Pappas – Senate District 65

Facebook: facebook.com/SandyPappasForSenate
Twitter: twitter.com/SenatorPappas
Website: www.sandypappas.com

District 66

Athena Hollins – House District 66B

Facebook: facebook.com/athenaforhouse
Twitter: twitter.com/AthenaHollins
Website: www.athenahollins.com

Clare Verbeten – Senate District 66

Facebook: facebook.com/ClareOumou
Twitter: twitter.com/clareoumou
Website: www.clareverbeten.com

District 67

Liz Lee – House District 67A

Facebook: facebook.com/lizleeMN67A
Twitter: twitter.com/lizleemn
Website: www.lizlee.org

Jay Xiong – House District 67B

Facebook: facebook.com/RepJayXiong
Twitter: twitter.com/repjayxiong
Website: www.jayforhouse.com

Foung Hawj – Senate District 67

Facebook: facebook.com/senatorhawj
Twitter: twitter.com/founghawj
Website: www.founghawj.com/


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If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.