May 6, 2024

DFL Statement on Trump Visit

ST PAUL – Today, May 6, Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement after the Minnesota GOP announced Donald Trump as the headliner for a fundraising event:

“By doubling down on Donald Trump and his MAGA agenda, Minnesota Republicans are tying their fate to his in November,” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “Minnesota voters have repeatedly rejected Donald Trump and his efforts to ban abortion, take away their health insurance, and attack our democracy. Republicans up and down the ballot will have to answer for why they are abandoning Minnesota values and kissing Donald Trump’s ring.”

Trump vowed that he would never come back to Minnesota if he lost the state in 2020.

Minnesota GOP Chair David Hann has criticized Trump, saying “I am not a Donald Trump guy…Donald Trump is vulgar, he’s rude, he’s boorish, he’s abusive, he’s obnoxious.”

Two months ago, Trump falsely claimed that he won Minnesota in the 2020 presidential election.

Elect Minnesota Dems!

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