April 28, 2020

DFL Party Responds to Pence’s Refusal to Wear a Mask to Mayo Clinic

Today, Vice President Mike Pence refused to wear a cloth face mask during his tour of the Mayo Clinic, despite the CDC’s recommendations that every American wear a cloth mask in public and despite the Mayo Clinic’s own policy requiring all those on campus wear masks.

Ken Martin, Chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party released the following statement:

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend wearing a cloth mask to protect others, not oneself. Though extremely ill-advised, if Vice President Pence wants to gamble with his own health, he’s welcome to do that. However, Mike Pence’s failure to wear a mask during his tour of the Mayo Clinic jeopardizes the health and well-being of those around him and encourages others to engage in the same selfish and irresponsible behavior.

The least we can do to thank the essential workers who risk infection to keep us fed, healthy, and safe during this crisis is to take the proper precautions to keep them safe as well. By refusing to lead by example and help protect essential workers, Vice President Pence is telling the American people that his public image matters more than the lives of those on the front lines of this pandemic.”

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