May 2, 2020

DFL Party Responds to Daudt’s Promise to Block Bonding Bill

Today, Republican House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt declared his intention to block a bonding bill, leaving thousands of Minnesotans out of work, until the state of emergency ends in Minnesota.

Daudt’s declaration comes despite the fact that 76% of the American people support a continuation of the Stay at Home Orders that top medical experts say have saved countless lives nationwide. It also comes despite the fact that over one million Americans have contracted COVID-19 and almost 70,000 have lost their lives in the span of a few short months.

Ken Martin, Chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party released the following statement in response to Minority Leader Kurt Daudt’s promise to block a bonding bill:

“Today, Minnesota House Republicans have made it clear that they would rather play politics than help Minnesotans get back to work. By pledging to block Governor Walz’s Local Jobs and Projects Plan, Representative Daudt and House Republicans are standing in the way of thousands of hardworking men and women in the construction industry building our critical infrastructure throughout the state.  Once again, Minnesota Republicans say one thing and do another – they say they want to pass an infrastructure bill but when the time comes to actually get it done, they stick it to working people who desperately need these jobs.

“Representative Daudt’s foolish temper tantrum goes against the advice of public health experts, the wishes of the vast majority of the American people, and the guidelines for reopening states issued by the President of Daudt’s own party. Representative Daudt’s gambling with the health and economic well-being of Minnesotans everywhere proves just how unfit Minnesota Republicans are to lead, especially during times of crisis.”

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