October 5, 2022

DFL Party Launches Microsite Introducing Minnesotans to the Real Jim Schultz

The microsite,, highlights Schultz’s anti-abortion agenda and far-right extremism

Today, the Minnesota DFL Party is launching, a microsite highlighting Republican Attorney General candidate Jim Schultz’s anti-abortion agenda and far-right extremism.

“Jim Schultz is trying to hide his extreme, anti-abortion agenda from Minnesota voters, but we won’t let him get away with it,” said DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin. “Schultz helped lead an organization working to make abortion illegal and he pledged to defend pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions for medication abortions. Jim Schultz is lying when he says he will not work to restrict abortion access in office.”

Jim Schultz’s campaign manager has tried to claim that “Jim has made clear that, although Jim is pro-life, he will not leverage what should be an apolitical office to advocate for abortion policy.”

This is false. During an Alpha News debate, Schultz himself said that fetuses are “deserving of legal protection” and pledged that “as Attorney General, I will absolutely do everything I can to ensure that the most vulnerable among us, the unborn child, are defended aggressively.” That combined with Schultz’s plan to defend pharmacists who refuse to provide drugs for a medication abortion proves Schultz and his team are lying when they say he will not work to change abortion policy in office.

Jim Schultz is a threat to far more than just abortion access in Minnesota though.

“When Schultz isn’t scheming to take away reproductive rights, he is plotting to use the Attorney General’s office to chase election conspiracy theories, force colleges to allow bigotry and hate-speech on campus, and bully transgender students,” added Martin. “Minnesotans deserve better than a dangerous, far-right extremist like Jim Schultz as our next Attorney General.”

For more on Schultz’s extreme agenda, head to

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