July 20, 2022

DFL Party Launches Microsite Highlighting Crockett’s Attack on Voting Rights

The microsite,, will also highlight Crockett’s history of racism and election conspiracy theories 

Today, the Minnesota DFL Party is launching, a microsite highlighting Republican Secretary of State candidate Kim Crockett’s plans to make it harder for Minnesotans to vote and her long record of bigotry.

“Before casting their ballots, Minnesotans deserve to know that Kim Crockett is a bigot who is running for office to attack our freedom to vote,” said DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin. “Crockett’s plans to roll back early voting, end same-day voter registration, and make it harder for folks in small towns to cast their ballots would be a disaster for our democracy. We cannot entrust our elections to extremists like Crockett that want to suppress our voices and our votes.”

Key excerpts from

Kim Crockett wants to make it harder for you to vote

– Kim Crockett plans to cut back early voting and restrict our freedom to register to vote on election day. Voting should be free, fair, and easy. Under Crockett, it would be none of those things.

– Crockett also wants to throw out ballots that are sent by mail on or before election day but arrive late. Her agenda would result in votes being thrown out for older Minnesotans, people in rural areas, and Minnesotans serving our state and nation in the military.

– Crockett will block Minnesotans who are older or don’t speak fluent English from getting help casting their ballot from a trusted friend or family member.

Kim Crockett is a shameless racist

– Recently, Kim Crockett was suspended from her job without pay for making racist comments complaining about how visible Somali immigrants in Minnesota are.

– Kim Crockett was forced to apologize for her racist comments, but she took that apology back and claimed she’d say those same things again today.

– Crockett was heavily criticized for playing an anti-Semitic video during the Republican State Convention.

– Crockett’s video was criticized by the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League.

– The Minnesota Republican Party was even forced to apologize for Crockett’s disgraceful behavior.

– Crockett herself called the whole thing a “contrived and bogus political attack”.

Kim Crockett is a dangerous election conspiracy theorist

– Crockett is part of a dangerous, far-right group that helped Donald Trump in his push to invalidate Georgia’s election results and override the will of voters.

– Crockett called the 2020 elections in Georgia “rigged” with no evidence.

– Crockett was caught campaigning at a conference held to promote the lie that Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

– Crockett serves as a senior advisor for the Minnesota Voters Alliance, a group which has baselessly accused our elections of being rigged time and time and time and time and time and time again.

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