September 15, 2022

DFL Party Condemns GOP Candidates’ Attacks on Law Enforcement and the Military

Republican state Rep referred to the armed forces as the “homo military”

Yesterday evening, the Heartland Signal released a story documenting attacks on members of law enforcement and the military by Republican legislators and candidates for office.

  • After Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed, Republican state Representative John Heinrich (35A) posted on social media that “I would like the record to show that I served prior to homo military. thanks all!”
  • Republican state House candidate Aaron Henning said he wished fewer police officers ate at his restaurant, and called members of law enforcement pigs by saying it smelled like bacon after officers were in the area.
  • Republican state Senate candidate Stephen Lowell (52) shared images which compared police officers to babies and claimed that officers’ interest was never to serve Minnesotans.
  • Republican state Representative Donald Raleigh (38A) has previously been tied to cartoons which made jokes about the violent murder of members of the military. Raleigh’s website,, also listed a “Gun Refresher Course” that claimed calling law enforcement was ineffective by comparing dialing 911 to “government sponsored Dial a Prayer.”

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement: 

“These attacks against law enforcement leveled by Republican candidates and elected officials are disturbing, wrong, and unbecoming of elected officials. Republicans cannot claim to support law enforcement, then disparage them and members of the military when they think nobody is watching.”

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