December 20, 2023

DFL Criticizes Rep. Zeleznikar’s Unhinged State Flag Conspiracy Theory

ST PAUL – Today, December 20, Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement after GOP Rep. Natalie Zeleznikar tweeted a false conspiracy theory claiming that an early version of the new Minnesota state flag was a secret homage to a region in Somalia.

Zeleznikar represents District 3B, a competitive district in Northern Minnesota.

“It’s embarrassing that Representative Natalie Zeleznikar would default to partisan politics over something as simple as a new state flag,” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “Having accomplished nothing for her district, Natalie Zeleznikar has now decided to double down on conspiracy theories and culture wars instead of governing. The hard-working people who live in her district deserve a representative who will work to pass public policy that would improve their day-to-day lives. Most of her constituents couldn’t care less what the state flag looks like, and they will hold her accountable for being on the wrong side of issues that actually make a difference in their lives like paid family leave, free school meals, and funding our public schools.”

The conspiracy theory that inspired Zeleznikar’s tweet has spread in right-wing circles despite a lack of any evidence that the original design had any connection to Somalia. The new Minnesota state flag was, in fact, originally designed by a 24-year-old from Luverne, Minnesota.

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