May 3, 2024

DFL Announces 2024 State Convention Officers

ST PAUL –Today, Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin announced the officers of the 2024 DFL State Convention. The DFL Party’s convention officers will work alongside party staff to ensure a fair, transparent, and productive state convention.

“I am pleased to share my appointments for officers of the 2024 DFL State Convention,” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “At the DFL Party, we pride ourselves on a caucus and convention process that empowers grassroots DFLers to create and shape our platform. The State Convention is the culmination of that democratic process, and our convention officers will be instrumental in making sure that the convention is productive, fair, and empowering for all those in attendance. I am extremely grateful to these dedicated DFL leaders for serving in these vital roles.”


Ann Friedrich
Tim O’Brien


Mayor Hollies Winston
Representative Liz Lee
Garrison McMurtrey
Briana Rose Lee
Commissioner Mandy Meisner


Dan Thomas-Commins
Latonya Reeves


Ceri Everett
Andrena Guines


Greg Hansen
Kim Westra


Lisa Nemer Noah
Lee Cutler

The 2024 DFL State Convention will be held in Duluth from May 31 to June 2, 2024. Members of the press who plan on attending the convention should request credentials no later than May 15 using this form. Additional information about the 2024 DFL State Convention is available here.


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If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.