May 19, 2020

Daudt Found Attacking Bonding Projects “Just for One Little Community”

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt was already expressing disdain for the bonding projects requested by Minnesota’s local elected officials and community leaders.

In an interview from the start of 2020, Daudt attacks the needs of municipalities across Minnesota, saying that if certain bonding proposals are “the things that we would consider not regionally important, they’re just for one little community, we don’t really, frankly, want to have those sorts of things in a bonding bill.

Daudt’s dismissal of the importance of local infrastructure investments pre-date the COVID-19 outbreak and expose the fact that House Republicans are not willing to set aside their far-right ideology in the face of a stalled national economy and the need to create jobs in Minnesota.

DFL Chairman Ken Martin released the following statement: 

“Representative Daudt’s comments make it clear that Minnesota Republicans are still putting their extreme ideology ahead of the needs of Minnesotans everywhere. Instead of investing in Minnesota at a time when our national economy is struggling, Republicans continue to show disdain for need to create jobs and support the ‘little communities’ that Kurt Daudt dismissed.

“Daudt and House Republicans may not care about putting Minnesotans back to work by taking on projects like rebuilding the city hall that burned down in Ellsworth or helping with flood mitigation in Albert Lea, but DFLers do. Our party is committed to boosting Minnesota’s economy and improving Minnesotans’ safety and quality of life by passing a robust bonding bill.”

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