Convention Planning

 2023 Convention Planning Materials

***This page currently reflects 2023 convention information!  We will be updating this page to reflect conventions for 2024 shortly after the new Official Call is passed by the State Central Committee on August 12***

This is the main resource page for Units Planning for Conventions.

You can find information on participating in Conventions here.

Key Dates

Only units that specify odd-year conventions and business conferences will have such an event this year.  Click the link below for all the date/location information that has been reported to us at this time.  If you do not see your unit’s convention/business conference here, or you have information to update, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Reported Convention Dates

Odd-Year Conventions or Business Conferences

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General Information

Odd-Year Conventions and Business Conferences Scheduling

A unit’s constitution determines whether the unit can hold odd-year conventions or business conferences.  The constitution must specify that the unit is allowed to hold such meetings.  At a unit’s even-year convention, 60% of delegates must affirm the amendment to the constitution allowing odd-year conventions or business conferences. That change cannot be made by central committees or odd-year conventions. NOTE: Minneapolis and Saint Paul have special scheduling per their constitutions.

Difference Between Odd-Year Conventions and Business Conferences

The biggest difference between odd-year conventions and business conferences is who votes: odd-year conventions have even-year precinct delegates and alternates as voters; business conference voters are members of the unit central committee.

If you have questions about this, please contact 

Items To Review

Outgoing Officer Duties

These can be found in the Officer Duties. This document also includes descriptions and the duties for all positions of unit leadership.

Update Your Shared unit folder

Instructions for updating your shared unit folder can be found here. If you need help updating or accessing your folder, let us know at [email protected].

* If a person is re-elected to a position, please indicate in Column W the date of their re-election. Also, make sure to update all contact information*

Code of Conduct

All new unit volunteers and officials are responsible for reading and signing the DFL code of conduct form

Update Endorsements and Letters of Support

If any endorsements or letters of support were passed at the 2023 convention or business conference, they must be recorded. The reporting form can be found under the “Endorsements” tab of your local party unit’s google sheet, which will be named “2022-2023 – [unit name] DFL Leadership and Endorsement Reporting”. If you need help accessing your folder, let us know at [email protected].

Unit Constitutions

If a unit constitution is adopted or amended at the 2023 convention, file the adopted or amended constitution to the DFL Party office.  You can file it by completing this form, and if you have questions on the process, contact us at [email protected].

*unit constitutions may NOT be adopted or amended at business conferences.

Unit Convention Minutes

Convention or business conference minutes–like all unit meeting minutes–must be reported to the DFL Party Affairs office per the DFL Rule Book: Unit Records—Notices and Minutes. All units shall include the state party when sending out meeting notices and copies of minutes (which can be included as part of the notice for their next meeting). They should be sent to [email protected].

Have Any Questions on Odd Year Conventions?

Please first refer to this Q&A, and if your question is not sufficiently answered, reach out to [email protected]

2022 Convention Information

Reporting your convention information

Your Convention Report Form can be found in your unit’s shared folder – if you need help accessing your folder, let us know at [email protected].  The Convention Report Form is where you will input all the information related to your convention, from your Convention Chair to who got elected to which positions.  This report will remain in your folder as a record of what happened at your convention, and it will help us assist you with any questions as they arise.
Please enter the following information into your Convention Report Form as soon as you know it:

  • Convention date
  • Convention start time
  • Convention location
  • Convention Chair

Watch this video for how to navigate your Convention Report Form:

Planning Your Convention

General Rules (odd-year conventions only)

General Rules for Odd Year Conventions – Provides information regarding membership, business, and timing

Arrangements Committee

⇒Accessibility Guidelines – Provides guidelines for accessibility at precinct caucus.
⇒ Proof Of Insurance: Some locations will require Proof of Insurance for Conventions. You can request this through the State Party using the linked form.
⇒Convention Chair Guidebook
If you need the list of certified convention chairs, please reach out to [email protected]

Rules Committee

Sample Convention Rules (includes both virtual and in-person options)

Constitution Committee

Sample Constitutions (Can be adapted for all types of Local Units)


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