Communications Leads

Communications leads support the work of the Minnesota DFL Party and our larger movement in many ways, including:

  • Managing a letter to the editor program
  • Running the social media accounts for a local unit
  • Promoting DFL Party elected officials
  • Tracking Republican elected officials if their local unit is in a red area

Communications leads are especially important because the DFL Party is a big tent party, and the messages that work in some areas of Minnesota may not work in others. Communications leads help our movement by engaging with members of their community, developing an understanding of their values, and promoting DFL Party messages that fit their communities.

Communications leads can be volunteer positions or an elected position within a local organizing unit, usually called a Communications Coordinator.

The Minnesota DFL Party is happy to provide resources for communications leads, including sample social media posts, research, talking points on the accomplishments of DFL Party elected officials, and more!

If you have any questions about communications leads, please contact [email protected].

To report that your organizing unit has found a communications lead, please fill out this form: