Promoting DFL Wins in the Minnesota Budget

Governor Walz and DFLers in the State House and Senate just finished negotiating a strong state budget that makes serious investments in the future of our state – all despite significant opposition from Minnesota Republicans.

We need your help spreading the word about the achievements in the Minnesota budget. Below, you will find information about what’s in the 2021 Minnesota Budget, as well as sample social media posts, graphics to share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and sample letters to the editor for your use!

What’s In Minnesota’s Budget

In the 2021 Minnesota Budget, DFLers won major investments in Minnesota’s future, including the following:

– A historic investment in education – $1.2 billion over four years, the largest formula increase in 15 years

– $70 million in COVID-19 relief for small businesses across the state that have borne the brunt of this pandemic to protect their communities and save lives

– $80 million in statewide grants to address the greatest economic development and redevelopment needs

– $597 million to support child care businesses and increase access to affordable, quality child care

– $250 million in direct financial support to Minnesota’s essential workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic – from nurses to janitors to child care workers to nursing home workers

– An additional $100 million investment in public colleges and universities throughout Minnesota

– $33.5 million over the next two years to recruit, train, and retain teachers of color. Right now, only 4% of educators in Minnesota are people of color, which stands in stark contrast to the fact that Minnesota’s student body is 34% students of color

– A one-time $435 payment to low-income families throughout Minnesota

– $1.65 million to a statewide initiative for veteran suicide prevention and $6.3 million to help end homelessness among Minnesota veterans

Sample Social Media Posts

Below are a series of sample social media posts for you to share. Be sure to include some of the graphics at the end of this section too!

Posts for Facebook:

– Thanks to leadership from Governor Walz, Lt. Governor Flanagan, and DFLers in the state legislature, Minnesota is set up for success with historic investments in public schools, small businesses, and COVID-19 relief! Without the advocacy and support from Minnesotans across the state, such a momentous occasion would not have been possible. Thank you, DFL representatives, and thank you, Minnesota!

– In an effort to create a better tomorrow, DFL leadership in the state legislature and Governor’s office passed a state budget with meaningful investments in education, infrastructure, public safety, childcare, and more. For generations to come, this budget will have an impact! Thank you, Governor Walz and DFL representatives!

– The COVID-19 Recovery Budget passed by DFL state legislators, Governor Walz, and Lt. Governor Flanagan directs more than $1.2 billion to public education, $70 million to small businesses, $80 million for economic development, $597 million for access to child care, and $250 million to Minnesota’s essential workers. Our leadership understands that investing in communities both long term and short term sets Minnesotans up for success, and we thank them for their work to pass this budget!

– The COVID-19 Recovery Budget passed by Governor Walz and DFL leadership in the state legislature is historic — the largest education budget in 15 years, bonuses for essential workers, small business relief, and accessible childcare are just a few accomplishments included in the package spurred by President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. For generations to come, this budget will have an impact!

– The COVID-19 Recovery Budget reflects the best of Minnesota — DFLers in the House, Senate, and Governor’s office advocated for strong schools, substantial infrastructure, COVID-19 relief for essential workers and small businesses, accessible childcare, and much more! Thank you, Governor Walz, Lt. Governor Flanagan, and DFL leadership!

Posts for Twitter

– We did it, Minnesota! @GovTimWalz and @LtGovFlanagan’s COVID-19 Recovery Budget puts our state first by:
?Investing in students
? Providing relief for small businesses
?Increasing access to child care
? Building our economy
? Giving support to frontline workers

– .@GovTimWalz & DFLers negotiated a budget that makes historic investments in students, small businesses, and ensures our communities are safe for all Minnesotans. It also includes the greatest formula increase in education funding in 15 years — that’s $1.2 billion over 4 years ?

– This week, @GovTimWalz and @LtGovFlanagan negotiated a strong state budget that puts Minnesota first by taking care of our students, small businesses, and essential workers. The COVID-19 Recovery Budget reflects the best of MN and puts on track to rebuild stronger than ever.

– Thank you Speaker @melissahortman for passing a bipartisan education agreement that invests to help all of our students realize their full potential. That’s a $1.2 billion investment in our Minnesota classrooms over 4 years #mnleg

– Working families in Minnesota deserve access to affordable, quality child care. That’s why @GovTimWalz and Speaker @melissahortman negotiated a budget to make sure every young Minnesotan has the opportunity to thrive as we emerge from a global pandemic #mnleg

– .@GovTimWalz and Speaker @melissahortman negotiated a budget that includes $250 million in financial support for Minnesota’s essential workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic — now that’s leadership. #mnleg

Graphics for Facebook and Instagram

Graphics for Twitter

Sample Letters to the Editor

Sample Letter on Education

Students, teachers, staff, and families across Minnesota have worked tirelessly to keep our public school system strong during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been extremely difficult for kids and adults alike to maneuver virtual schooling and activities. But, thanks to coordinated efforts to bring us out of the pandemic, we are emerging from the pandemic with the strongest education investments in almost two decades.

Governor Walz and DFL officials across the state made historic strides in the education budget passed last week. In total, the budget includes $1.2 billion for Minnesota’s public school system with specific funds aimed at underfunded programs. Highlights from the budget include: $132 million for after-school and summer learning programs, $33.5 million for professional development and retention for teachers of color, over $10 million is for special education, and $13.6 million for Department of Education infrastructure.   

None of this funding would be possible without the American Rescue Plan and President Biden’s vision for building back better. Thanks to Governor Walz and the DFL pro-public school agenda, Minnesota public education is set up for success.

Sample Letter on Equity in Education

Access to a quality public education should be available to all Minnesotans — no matter where we come from or who we are. Our schools must also set positive examples for all students, and on that front, Minnesota needs to do better. 

Leadership in schools makes all the difference, and in Minnesota, only 4% of teachers are people of color. Our student population, however, is 34% students of color. This is a harmful and systemic inequity in our public education system as teachers are not representing their diverse student bodies. 

Thankfully, in the $1.2 billion in funds for education from the state budget passed last week, Governor Walz and DFLers recognized the need for providing opportunities and training for teachers of color. The effort includes $33.5 million in the next two years to attract, train, and retain talented teachers of color. This historic investment, along with other funds in the new education budget specifically for underfunded gaps, will make a significant impact on equity in schools across the state.

Sample Letter on COVID-19 Relief

The COVID-19 pandemic has had disparate impacts on Minnesotans. Essential workers selflessly put their lives on the line for their neighbors amidst enormous fear and chaos during the pandemic, and we owe it to them to thank them for their work in a substantial way. 

In the new state budget passed by the Minnesota legislature last week, Governor Walz and DFLers successfully advocated for a $250 million fund specifically for essential workers. This fund will allocate bonuses to heroes across the state who continue to keep Minnesotans safe and healthy as we emerge from the pandemic.

President Biden and Democrats have made their vision a reality for building back better from the pandemic; the bonuses for essential workers in Minnesota come straight from the American Rescue Plan


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