Be a Voter Protection Phone and Text Banker

Our program is dependent upon volunteers, and we can always help in recruiting more our neighbors into our work. Our phone and text bankers will assist us in reaching out to recruit new volunteers, as well as to other volunteers to confirm their assignments and availability.

Phone and text banking can be done from the location of your choosing. You will be asked to use your personal phone and/or laptop. The DFL Voter Protection team will provide you with training, support, and a script to follow.

Responsibilities and Expectations of the Job:

  • You must have access to a phone to phone bank, and to a smartphone or a laptop to text bank
  • If you confirm your availability for a shift, you must try your hardest to get through your contact list. For most call and texting campaigns, time is of the essence!

This Job is for You If:

  • You have a block of hours you can dedicate during crucial times in the election cycle.
  • You want to volunteer from the location of your choosing.
  • You want to volunteer alone, with a group of friends, or as an organization.
  • You have a customer service mentality and a commitment to helping every caller.