Be a County Liaison

Voter Protection County Liaisons are among the most important members of the Voter Protection team. The time commitment for a Liaison is about 4-5 hours per month, which may increase in the fall. The DFL Voter Protection Director, together with the DFL Coordinated Campaign team, will provide consistent training and assistance for the County Liaisons, ensuring that they will be supported in everything they do.


Before Election Day: The Liaison focuses on building a good relationship with local election officials to enhance the Liaison’s impact on Election Day and during the absentee voting period. Further, the Liaison provides early warning on potential issues, advocates for the Voter Protection Team’s goals, and obtains information essential to an effective Election Day.

On Election Day and during the absentee voting period: Most issues that arise on Election Day and during the absentee voting period will be resolved informally through reason, persuasion, and appeals to fairness – including appeals by the County Liaison.

After Election Day: Under state law, county canvass boards meet at the county auditor’s office between the third and tenth days following the general election to “promptly and publicly” canvass the general election returns. The post-election period is particularly important when an election is close and will be essential to a successful recount if a recount is necessary. Having established strong relationships with local election officials, the Liaison is the ideal person to attend the post-election canvass.