March 24, 2020

An Update from DFL Chairman Ken Martin

Note: This message was originally shared on Monday, March 23rd.

This week, the COVID-19 crisis took an immensely tragic turn for Minnesota’s elected leaders working to guide our state and our country through these difficult times.

Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan’s brother, Ron, recently passed away due to COVID-19 complications. I ask everyone to join me in keeping her and her family in our prayers this week. Working on our government’s response to this crisis would be trying under any circumstances, and I cannot imagine how arduous and painful that must be when faced with the loss of a family member. My heart goes out to Lt. Governor Flanagan, as does my extreme gratitude for all that she and the rest of our elected leaders are doing to keep Minnesota safe.

Today, Senator Klobuchar announced that her husband, John, tested positive for the coronavirus. After a year on the campaign trail, I’m sure that Senator Klobuchar and her family want nothing more than to spend time together and I’m so sorry this awful virus is making that so much harder. I wish John a swift and full recovery.

Lastly, Governor Walz is going into self-quarantine today after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. In responding to this outbreak and working to protect the people of Minnesota, Governor Walz and the rest of our elected officials are placing themselves at a heightened risk of contracting the coronavirus. I’d like to reiterate the extreme gratitude I feel for the sacrifices our elected officials are making as they work tirelessly to curb this public health crisis.

We’re living in extremely difficult times right now, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Now more than ever, we have to remember that we are all in this together. Please, continue to look out for one another. Check in on your friends and family, encourage folks to stay home and practice social distancing, and do what you can to support your community, particularly those on the frontlines of combatting the coronavirus outbreak.

I also ask that Minnesotans be extremely mindful of the vulnerable members of our population. As Lt. Governor Flanagan said, “if you feel fine, that’s great. But please consider the possibility that you’re carrying the virus and don’t know it, and then you walk past the next Ron, my big brother, in public. COVID-19 now has a personal connection to me. Please do all you can to prevent one for you.”

Be safe and be well.

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