June 29, 2022

“100% Pro-Life” Tyler Kistner Remains Silent on Roe Decision, After Scrubbing His Unpopular Position From Website

It’s been nearly a week since the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to strike down women’s right to make their own reproductive decisions, but Tyler Kistner has been nowhere to be found and has refused to comment on his extreme support for rolling back Minnesota women’s rights.

Now, a new report in the AP shows that after calling himself “100% Pro-Life” in his most recent failed campaign, Kistner has scrubbed his website to try to hide his toxic anti-choice positions from voters. And in a clear sign that he knows how damaging his unpopular position is, he’s removed any mention of abortion altogether.

“While many Minnesota Republicans were quick to welcome Friday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Democratic U.S. Rep. Angie Craig accused her GOP challenger, Tyler Kistner, of ducking the issue. The race in their mostly suburban district south of the Twin Cities is considered a toss-up. As of Tuesday, he had not commented about it on social media or issued a press release about it.

“#CricketsKistner has still said nothing about the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade,” Craig tweeted Sunday. “I will always protect your privacy and freedoms — and you’ll never have to wonder where I stand when it comes to your fundamental rights.”

Kistner’s campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday. While he called himself “100% Pro-Life” on his website in 2020, there’s no mention of abortion there now.”

“Tyler Kistner knows that his extreme anti-choice positions are  so out of touch with Minnesotans that he won’t even own up to them.” DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin said. “He can do his best to hide, but Minnesotans know electing Tyler Kistner would put Washington Republicans one step closer to instituting their radical and dangerous agenda, which starts with a nationwide abortion ban.”

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