Voter Protection

Our mission is to ensure that every eligible Minnesotan is prepared to safely and securely cast their ballot. Whether a voter decides to vote early via absentee ballot or in-person, or goes to their polling place on Election Day; the Voter Protection Team works to ensure that your vote counts.

Voting Information and Resources

Protect Your Vote.

Ask Questions. Report issues. Receive Help. 
Voter Protection Hotline: 1-833-335-8683

Volunteer As A...

Contrary to the name, working as a poll challenger is all about observing the process for the DFL and protecting voting rights. No previous experience necessary. 

County liaisons communicate with election officials and address any issues to guarantee a smooth process on November 8th. 

Answer questions, follow up on reports, and help Minnesotan voters. Training, materials, and supervision included at the DFL call center. 

Interested in working as an election judge? 
Check out our hub here to sign up or learn more!

What Is Voter Protection?

Voter Protection is all about ensuring that every Minnesotan receives a fair chance to vote in their elections.


This means:

1.      Preventing voter suppression, intimidation, and ballot insecurity.

2.     Answering election questions accurately.

3.      Ensuring elections are complying to laws and providing equal access to all voters.


If you see something questionable, give the hotline a call at 1-833-335-8683.

Visit our Voting Hub for general information on voting!